Business type characteristics

Its origin is noodle dish from China. There was a great amount of unique advancement in Japan, and we have various flavours now. There are 26,000 ramen shops in Japan, and it is often eaten by Japanese.

A lot of foreigners consider it is Japanese food rather Chinese. There are many ramen shops around the world, and almost all shops are popular.


Chef’s technique

How to make ramen soup is the most important technique. A ramen chef is required to have many trials to make the best soup by combining different ingredients. Ramen is very reasonably priced, and customers repeatedly visit, the chef has to offer the same exact taste for each bowl, which is another very demanding technique. Also, ramen changes everyday with the ever-flowing trend. As a ramen chef, it is necessary to have a challenging sprit.

Examples: Foods Labo Japan sent ramen chefs abroad


Success stories in Singapore

There was a request from Singapore, they wanted to disseminate authentic ramen noodles from Japan.
We found a chef who wanted to expand the business internationally and also had experience working in one of the famous ramen shops in Tokyo. Now the ramen shop is loved by many local companies and Singaporeans. The chef’s dream came true.

Success stories in Philippines

To expand their business in Asian countries, Japanese ramen shop got a business license in the Philippines. We helped to recruit a supervisor in the shop, who had worked at major beef bowl franchise restaurant abroad. They now have four ramen shops in the Philippines.

Recruitment Process

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Upon agreement, specific details to include, chef’s wage and living arrangements abroad, will be discussed. Additionally, we offer optional follow-up service once the chef(s) has been placed.

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